The Pantry Party - May 2021 Box

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April/May 2021 Box - Fresh Flavors

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What's in the Box

Boonville Barn Collective Smoky Piment d'Ville - Your new "use on everything" pepper. More like a cracked black pepper, but more delicate and with a hint of smoke. Keep on the counter and add liberally to everything.

Dark Horse Fermented Dijon - A modern take on the traditional french dijon, and fermented with chardonnay. Delicate notes of honey. A new home staple!

Daybreak Seaweed Co x Soba Ichi Shichimi Togarashi - This Yuzu 7-Spice is spicy and addicting. Great to add a kick of flavor to your favorite meals, sprinkled on soba, ramen, vegetables, or even popcorn!

Xilli Pipian Verde - A Classic green pepita and Mexican herb mole that will lift your spirit up. Herbaceous, refreshing, and nutty, this sauce is mild but has depth, and practically requires no effort to prepare.

Table Mountain Farms Salted Dark Chocolate Caramel Sauce- A Good Food Award winner for good reason! Smooth sweetness with a dark edge that is completely irresistible!