The Pantry Party - June / July 2021 Box


June/July 2021 Box - Smoky Summer BBQ

Ships nationwide!

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What's in the Box?

Little Apple Treats Strawberry + Pink Peppercorn Shrub- Good Food Award winner, and the perfect balance of sweet & tart with a tingle of spice! This is summer in a bottle!

Marshall's Haute Sauce Smoked Habanero BBQ Sauce- Award winning BBQ sauce that is smokey, sweet and savory (with a mild heat to keep things fun!)

Fine & Raw Chocolate Hazelnut Butter - Basically the best thing you could ever eat with a spoon. The world's best cacao and the world's best hazelnuts combined in a spread. Like Nutella? You'll love this WAY MORE. (dairy free and vegan)

Wander Magic Umami Sprinkles - A versatile all-purpose mushroom based seasoning to take ordinary food to the next level. This is an all-in-one spice mixture to add an umami kick to any dish!

Pet Pet Smoky Espelette BBQ Seasoning - Your new favorite summer BBQ secret ingredient. This spice mixture brings that smoky sweetness we all love in BBQ and allows you to add it to anything you sprinkle it on. Works great as a rub, marinade, or even as a finishing seasoning!