Umami Trail Mix

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We've heard this delicious treat, brought to you by Porridge + Puffs, called "addicting, "an umami bomb", and "uniquely flavorful". Think of it as a snack or companion to other dishes. Much like all the food that comes out of Porridge + Puffs, each of the ingredients play an essential role in bringing together the flavor:

  • Peanuts bring crunch, familiarity and protein
  • Seaweed lends umami and texture
  • Crispy shallots deliver sweetness and aroma
  • Makrut leaves make this product bright, floral and unique

Once we tried it, we couldn't stop eating it. We imagine you will have the same reaction.

Find recipes here.

**This product contains nuts

Sealed plastic pouch with 4 oz of trail mix


peanuts, shallots, seaweed, makrut, sansho, salt, olive/veg oil, sesame oil

Free Of:

artificial flavorings, preservatives, or food coloring

What people are saying:

"Salty, savory, and just damn delicious!!! It's so good, it's addictive."

Josh Z.