Golden Raisins


If you love raisins, these sun dried golden raisins will blow your mind. If you don't love raisins, these raisins will still blow your mind. Since including K&K Ranch's golden raisins in our box, we have heard time and time again the phrase "I don't like raisins, but I can't stop eating these!"

These mega raisins are sweet, a little tangy, and stay true to their grape. They are wonderful as a snack, mixed into trail mix and salads, or even to bake with. The options are endless!

Fine recipes here.

16 oz resealable plastic bag of golden raisins


golden raisins

Free of:

artificial flavorings, added sugar, preservatives, or food coloring

What people are saying:

"I don't even like raisins and I can't get enough of these." - Emily C.

"I need to order more raisins. I am addicted." - Francine J.

"Those raisins are like candy." Kathryn T.