Chili Crisp


Made with the best ingredients sourced for quality and flavor, Yang's chili crisp is spicy, a little sweet, and totally addictive. We recommend using it on everything. Some of our favorite uses have been: topped on grilled salmon, mixed into dumpling dipping sauce, or at breakfast with a fried egg. This chili crisp definitely packs a punch and will keep you coming back for more!

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8 oz glass jar of chili crisp


non-gmo canola oil, organic garlic, shallot, ginger, dried chili, spices, mushroom powder, salt, organic cane sugar

Free of:

artificial flavorings, preservatives, or food coloring

What people are saying:

"Spicy in an addictive, I-need-it-on-everything sort of way," - LA Times Food

"I put the chili crisp on salmon, and it's the best salmon I have ever made!" - Bonnie T.